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Baking Reviews – Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book

Baking Reviews: Cooks Illustrated Baking Book

Baking reviews aren’t just limited to hardware.


Baking reviews covers all tools needed in the kitchen, included cookbooks.  A good basic cookbook that lays out the fundamentals of baking is an essential kitchen tool.  The Cook’s Illustrated brand prides itself on making the science of good cooking to understandable to the home cook.  With this review, we aim to answer the question: is the third book in the bestselling Cook’s Illustrated series, a necessary addition to your kitchen? This edition of Baking Reviews will allow you to learn about The Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book before you buy.

The Cook’s Illustrated Baking Book is home to 450 delicious recipes that feature the best in baked goods that any home baker can pull off. The book is divided into easy to follow sections including breads, muffins, sweet rolls, scones, coffee cakes, and donuts. In addition, you will find delectable recipes for waffles, griddle cakes, yeast rolls. pizza, cookies, various cakes, and fruit-filled desserts. You will also find conversion notes, shopping guides, and a full index.

This is a well-bound book that will serve you for many years. Be sure to note that it is a fairly heavy book that will keep you occupied for hours as you scour through the recipes. If you happen to have a cookbook stand, it will sit there quite well. Every recipe is well written in the manner you would expect from Cook’s Illustrated, along with an opening paragraph to help understand the recipe and its origins better. If you are use to the magazine you will appreciate the simple black and white illustrations that show many of the cooking techniques. The index is easy to understand and well cross-referenced.

Many will enjoy the first chapter on Baking Basics. It helps to educate new cooks on many of the basics that are needed to understand cookware and ingredients with the help of one and two-page spreads.

One of the only complaints you will hear about Cook’s Illustrated is that many of the recipes are recycles from one book to the next. Sadly, that is the case with this book as well.

Also, there are no color photographs for this book as well. Unfortunate for those cooks who like a sample of what the food was supposed to look like.

The conclusion of this edition of baking reviews? This is a good book that is an absolute must for all of your baking needs and recipes. However, think twice about buying it if you already own any of the other Cook’s Illustrated books.

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