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Eight Basic Cake Decorating Tools


When you’re decorating the perfect cake there are some basic cake decorating tools that you need.  While we discuss 8 devices in this article, depending upon the cake you’re making, you may just require one or two of them.

The first tool you’ll need is a small offset spatula.  It’s simply a terrific smoother of for type of kind of icing and works particularly well for cupcakes and some cakes.

When you decorate bigger cakes you need a large offset spatula. It’s a wonderful tool to go around the sides of your cake as well as to spread the frosting over the top of the cake, or in between the layers.

While not generally thought of as one of the essential cake decorating tools, you’ll need a sturdy rubber spatula for mixing and transferring frostings.  A curved rubber spatula is usually better for these tasks.

If you truly desire a stunning smooth surface across your layer cakes a bench scraper is essential. You can run it over the top, as well as urn your cake on a pedestal as you use the bench scraper to smooth the frosting on the sides.

When you are working with fondant, you’ll need a rolling pin to roll it out.  These can be either marble or wood; avoid the silicone rolling pens as they are generally too light weight to effectively smooth out fondant.

You may also want a fondant smoother. Much like the bench scraper, this tool is used to smooth the surface of the fondant after it has been applied to the cake.  If you have a stainless steel bench scraper, it may be sturdy enough to double as a fondant smoother.

For  finishing touches, you’ll want piping bags. You can use either disposable or reusable ones.

Piping tips are used with the bags to create flowers, beading, lines, and writing.

So… those are some of the cake decorating tools you’ll require to produce a perfectly decorated cake.


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