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The Secret to Creating Decadent Chocolate Recipes – Espresso Powder

What’s the secret ingredient that can increase the depth of chocolate flavor in all your chocolate recipes…an addition that actually makes chocolate taste more like chocolate?

Espresso powder.

Just a small pinch of espresso powder increases the depth and complexity of the chocolate flavor in a recipe, without converting the flavor from “chocolate” to “mocha.” you’ll be able to create more robust and intensely chocolate brownies, cakes, cookies, frostings

Don’t confuse espresso powder with instant coffee. You will not get the same result with instant or freeze dried coffee designed for drinking. Espresso powder is made from specially deep roasted coffee beans that have been dark-roasted, ground, brewed, dried, and then finally ground to a very fine powder. Espresso powder is much more concentrated than instant coffee, which means you only need a very small amount – from a pinch to a teaspoon – to enhance your baking.

A good espresso powder can save you money. Rather than paying premium prices for gourmet cocoa powder, you can improve the results you get with basic supermarket-grade cocoa by adding a bit of espresso powder to your recipes.

Test it for yourself with a two boxes of basic brownie mix. Make one batch as directed; to the other, add a teaspoon of espresso powder. After one taste, you’ll never bake chocolate brownies or cake without adding this “secret ingredient” again!

There are many brands of espresso powder on the market. We’ve tested them all, and found the best results come with King Arthur brand espresso powder.

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